Revolut - Web App

Revolut, which is a leading financial super app based in London has launched its online Web App for its userbase of 13 million customers in the EEA (European Economic Area), Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States. The Web App is believed to let customers access their accounts safely from a web browser besides the smartphone app.

Revolut has historically focused its efforts on its mobile app. If you have a business account with Revolut, you know that you can see your past transactions and access your account from a regular web browser. But the company’s 13 million customers couldn’t access their account from a computer.

Everyone can now head over to Revolut’s web app and sign in to view their transaction history and cards. From this interface, you can freeze and unfreeze a debit card and control card features. The web app also supports account top-ups using a bank transfer, a card payment or Apple Pay (in Safari).

By default, Revolut sends a push notification so you can authorize web browser access. But if you’ve lost your phone, you also can choose to receive a security code via email.

You’ll still have to use the mobile app to access some features, but it’s a start.

Explore the Revolut Web App now.