How to list Windows hidden shares remotely

Invisible or hidden shared folders are often used if people want to share a folder but do not want to list it publically in the network so that only users who are aware of the shared folder can find it.

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How to list Windows hidden shares remotely
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When sharing Windows folders on the network, it is possible to hide the shared folder from the list of shares. This can be done by adding a $-sign to the end of a share name.
It is important to mention that this does not really hide such shares from the network. If you ask a Windows machines for a list of its shares, then it reports all shares, including those with a $-sign. It are then the clients who filter out all shares that end in a dollar-sign.

So how can you get a list of all the hidden shares on a server?

Easy: open a DOS prompt and issue the following command:

net view \\test-server /all

The output will be the following:

C:\Users\pavel>net view \\pc-name /all
Shared resources at \\pc-name

Share name                 Type  Used as  Comment
ADMIN$                     Disk           Remote Admin
C$                         Disk           Default share
IPC$                       IPC            Remote IPC
Temp                       Disk
The command completed successfully.
Most third-party file managers for Windows have the options to automatically display available admin resources on remote computers when browsing the network.
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