In case you plan to travel, a credit card comes in handy. For this reason, bunq has come up with the wonderful and reliable bunq easyTravel credit card. Thus, you will have a smooth time when renting a car or paying for a hotel when travelling.

What is bunq?

Bunq is a Dutch, internationally active neobank, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company was founded in 2015 by Ali Niknam, founder of the IT company TransIP. Bunq focuses on ease of use transaction accounts and offers both personal and business accounts.

What is a bunq easyTravel credit card?

The Bunq easyTravel Card is a payment card where you can deposit money yourself. It is not a real credit card, but it is accepted by car rental companies and hotels. This distinguishes this card from all other prepaid payment methods.
This easyTravel Card is primarily intended for people who travel a lot. To take advantage of favorable foreign exchange rates and the absence of an exchange rate surcharge. If you travel with other Bunq users, you can easily track joint expenses in the app and distribute them fairly with Slice Groups.

How does the Bunq Card Work?

The Travel Card works like a Mastercard. You can pay with it in online stores and in places where you see the Mastercard logo, all over the world. You must put sufficient balance on the card yourself. You can do this with iDeal or a bank transfer. The card has its own IBAN, but this is not a fully-fledged bank account. You cannot make transfers with it, only if you want to transfer the entire balance.

Paying in stores, apps, and on the web has never been easier, safer, and faster. Enjoy all the benefits of your bunq card using Apple Pay with your phone or Apple Watch. Google Pay is available in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal.

BUNQ easyTravel credit card

How to Apply or Order a Bunq easyTravel card

You can easily order and apply for a easyTravel Card using the free Bunq app available on the play store for android and the Appstore for iOS Smartphones. You will need to complete the required identification procedure and process.

You can use the mobile app download it here for Android or for iPhone iOS
or Get started and sign up via the Official Bunq website Here.

What are the costs?

The easyTravel Card costs €9.99 once. You also pay 99 cents per cash withdrawal. There are no more costs. You can avoid the one-off costs if you invite three friends as a referrer to apply for the easyTravel Card. Bunq customers can get the easyTravel Card for free within their offer package.

After downloading the app, a one-month trial period starts. After this, you will automatically receive the Bunq Premium payment package and monthly costs will be charged. If you don’t want that, choose Travel Card only before the end of the trial month. Then the account remains free.

  • Price per year: € 0, –
  • Card Type: MasterCard
  • Purchase costs: € 9.99
  • Charging costs: € 0, –
  • Costs of withdrawing money: € 0.99
  • Exchange rate mark-up: 0.00%
  • Savings interest: 0.00%
  • Publisher: Bunq
  • Bank independent: Yes
  • Age: 18

Bunq likes to communicate with customers through a Help Desk. For personal questions, the bank can also be reached via a chat in the app.